Peak Predictive

Save Money – starting today!


We guarantee you will save money with the Peak Predictive System.

We guarantee we will send you notifications before the temperature reaches a critical level and products are lost.


Optimize Temperatures with Precision

The thermostat used in many walk-in coolers and freezers is often not very accurate.  With the Peak-Predictive Energy Control System, we can set your temperature optimally for the contents, saving you from wasted product, and wasted energy!

Don’t Measure Air Temperature

Every Time one of the reach-ins are opened, a burst of warm air enters the cooler.   As a result, the system turns on and off very frequently, for a short time.   By changing the control system to react to the temperature of the product, not the air, you save energy and extend the life of your equipment.  We also can help you recognize when the temperature of the product is moving to unacceptable levels, and help you to avoid product loss.

After installation, this system had 47% less energy used,
and started 56% less frequently.


ClearFlow increases the efficiency of the cooling system from the inside, with measured improvements up to 40%

Crystal Care

Crystal bonding on a molecular level improves heat transfer, stops corrosion, rejects dirt, and inhibits mold and bacteria growth.