Why Peak Predictive

Save Money – Starting Today!


Savings Guaranteed

We guarantee that the amount your business saves will be greater than the cost of the solution itself

Peace of Mind

In addition to energy savings – our built in monitoring is guaranteed to notify you of any errors that impact cooler temperatures to the point of product loss

Resilient Solution

Our energy savings solutions are a full suite of optimizations that add up to produce significant and reliable savings.

Sensor Based Savings

Optimize Temperatures with Precision

The thermostat used in many walk-in coolers and freezers is often not very accurate.  With the Peak-Predictive Energy Control System, we can set your temperature optimally for the contents, saving you from wasted product, and wasted energy!

Don’t Measure Air Temperature

Every time one of the reach-ins are opened, a burst of warm air enters the cooler. As a result, the system turns on and off very frequently, for a short time. By changing the control system to react to the temperature of the product, not the air, you reduce unnecessary system starts and stops which saves energy and extends the life of your equipment. We also can help you recognize when the temperature of the product is moving to unacceptable levels, and help you to avoid product loss.

Increase Cooling Efficiency

Energy Saving Treatments

Included in your subscription are our treatments for your machinery to improve their cooling efficiency:

CrystalCare Coating

Crystal bonding on a molecular level is applied to the exterior of your coils to improve heat transfer, stop corrosion, reject dirt, and inhibit mold and bacteria growth. 

ClearFlow Catalyst

ClearFlow reacts with the interior of your cooling systems and clears out build-up or debris to increase efficiency by up to 40%

Increase Business Efficiency

Alerting & Reporting

Included in your subscription, you can receive alerts before it’s too late.

Live SMS Alerts and Notifications

We can alert the right person at the right time with SMS alerts, with automatic escalation as well.  Know before you lose the contents of your refrigerator or freezer because of a system failure, or even just a door left open.

Customizable Auto-Generated Reports Emailed to You

Easily searchable reports – whether you need a report for compliance purposes, or to verify the condition of your products, with your subscription you can view the historical record for any period in the past year,