Energy Savings
Emergency Support
for your Refrigeration and HVAC

Proactive Monitoring

Learn about potential upcoming machine servicing or failures before they happen

Extend Life of Machinery

Keep your coolers running longer with sensor led compressor starts and stops

Historical Data Logging

Easily export data with historical refrigeration temperatures

Energy Savings

Reduce overall energy consumption with our sensors and treaments

Failure Alerting

Receive SMS notification messages with door open or machine failure alerts

Easy to Use Portal

Check in regularly with your cooler status across multiple locations

Savings + Peace of Mind

All in One Solution for Savings and Monitoring

Working with Peak Predictive covers your coolers for everything they need in one place – whether its our suite of sensors, our proprietary treatments, or our always-on unit monitoring you’ll be adding up the energy savings and sleep better knowing that you’ll be notified if something goes wrong.

Sensor-Powered Energy Savings + Monitoring

Our sensors don’t just help your coolers to operate at a higher level of efficiency – they also connect you to our portal for real-time monitoring and alerts.

Groundbreaking Machine Treatments

Our patent-pending treatments are applied to the interior and exterior of the units to clean out dust and grime to keep your machinery running smoothly.

Powered by Sensors

How We Use Sensors to Minimize Energy Use

Sensors can make a world of difference when synchronized precisely and programmed to match your coolers’ unique needs. We set your sensors up based on a wide range of criteria including what will be stored, each location’s hours, and more to make sure you have maximum energy savings.

Reliable Internal Readings

Minimize Compressor Starts and Stops

Reacting to product temperatures rather than the air temperature prevents unnecessary compressor starts and stops to save energy and extend the overall cooler lifespan.

Warranty Friendly

None of these augmentations – treatments or sensors – have any impact on your coolers’ warranties. Rest easy!

Product Calibration

What Will You Be Storing In Your Coolers?

The default settings aren’t always the best for your goods – adjusting to the optimal temperature of what’s being stored saves money and improves the end customer experience.

  • Optimal Beer Temperature
  • Optimal Soda Temperature

The Savings Add Up

Our sensors and treatments add up to big savings

Since the install we’ve seen great energy savings - but the monitoring also caught several times when cooler doors were left open before our goods could be affected. Knowing I’ll be notified anytime something is out of place is a game-changer.

Owner - Liquor Locker

Piyush Patel


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The Energy Savings Cover the Cost of the Monitoring – and Then Some