Protects against corrosion, mold growth, heat, pollution, and more

CrystalCare Nanocoating by Onformant

Extend the life of your HVAC equipment

Our Next-Gen HVAC Coating

Introducing Onformant’s next generation CrystalCare Nanocoating. CrystalCare is among the most advanced protective coating available. Proven to positively arrest corrosion, protect against chemical and environmental assault, extend the life of equipment, save energy and mitigate microbial growth providing sustainable results with a verifiable ROI.

It’s time to stop using coatings that only protect against corrosion, impede heat transfer, and feed mold – there IS a better way.

Know Your Coating Chemistry

Chemistry is the key to a coating’s performance. CrystalCare has a proprietary inorganic, siloxane-based formula. Many times stronger and thinner than traditional organic coatings, it provides superior protection from the harshest environment, has no impact on heat transfer, can coat microchannels and retains a long-lasting barrier that protects HVAC coils against corrosion for an extended period of time (typically 5 years or more). Unlike its organic counterparts, CrystalCare coating cannot be degraded by heat, light or oxygen (photo-oxidation) or feed mold because of its chemical make-up.


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