Restore lost efficiencies in any type of HVAC and refrigeration equipment

ClearFlow Catalyst by Onformant

Extend the life of your HVAC equipment

Our Next-Gen Synthetic Catalyst

Introducing Onformant’s next generation ClearFlow Synthetic Catalyst: a scientifically engineered synthetic catalyst that restores lost efficiencies in any type of HVAC and refrigeration equipment. ClearFlow allows a system to produce colder supply air resulting in reduced compressor run times, lower energy consumption, less maintenance, and longer equipment life.

Onformant’s ClearFlow Catalyst is the most cost-effective way to restore lost system SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) performance in your refrigeration and HVAC equipment.

Achieve and maintain a high level of system performance.

The actual savings mechanism includes not only the reduction of amperes that the compressor’s electric motor uses while running, but also with the removal of oil fouling. This produces a more efficient refrigerant absorption rate and lubricity increases which makes the system more efficient and creates colder supply air (or faster chiller water cool down) resulting in the equipment running 10% to 20+% less on average.

Improve Long-Term Coil Heat Transfer

What is Oil Fouling?

In all air conditioning and refrigeration systems, 0.5% to 8% of the compressor’s lubricating oil circulates with the refrigerant. This oil attaches to the inner walls of the refrigeration tubing and ultimately block heat transfer and reduce your system efficiency.

The heat transfer efficiency loss due to oil-fouling is restored to near new equipment levels by using the ClearFlow synthetic catalyst to break the surface tension forces between the oil globules and the walls of the refrigeration tubing. The absence of oil-fouling restores the loss of 20% to 30% heat transfer efficiency. An added benefit is that the capillary tubes, expansion valves and heat pump’s 4-way valves are also cleaned and will not oil-foul again.